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Smile Design and Interactive Smile Style Guide

Provided for Patient Education by Alphadent Dental Design

The Smile Guide shows patients various images of smiles...from very masculine to very feminine.
Smile Design is a technical yet artistic approach to treatment planning, with the goal of creating the most esthetic smile for each patient.The process utilizes established rules of dental esthetics that are customized for each case.

Patients Learn the Details of Various Smile Types
The Smile Style Guide below, is an interactive slideshow where patients can learn all the details of 12 smile types, that span a range of smile characteristics from young to mature, and masculine to very feminine. Cosmetic dental patients can select a smile style that will guide dental ceramists when the restorations - veneers, crowns or implants are being created.

Patients wishing to know more about Smile Design, Smile Styles or Cosmetic Dental Imaging should consult with their dentist.

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Welcome to AlphaDent - Interactive Smile Style Guide - Provided for Patient Education

Our Smile Style Guide can be used by patients to display 12 popular cosmetic smile styles.
The 3 images below illustrate how the Smile Style Guide can help patients to decide on an ideal smile design, before treatment is started.
  A smile before cosmetic dentistry   A desired Smile Style is chosen (the blue outline)   The chosen Smile Style guides the ceramist  when creating the esthetic restorations. (veneers, crowns)  
The interactive Smile Style Guide below, is an effective communication tool for patients and dentists, before dental treatment begins.

Simply click on a smile style button in the control panel to see details of a Smile Style.